Archived News

Archived News

Junior Specialist in the Marco Lab

June 01, 2022

The position of Junior Specialist provides technical or specialized expertise in the planning and execution of a research project. The Junior Specialist stays apprised of the research area and maintains technical competence in the designated area(s) of specialization. We are seeking a Junior Specialist to join our research team studying food and gut microbiomes. 

Field to Bench interview by Craft Maltsters Guild features Glen Fox and Maany Ramanan

March 16, 2022
In the first Craft Maltsters Guild's "Field to Bench" series for 2022 (the series features the people behind some of the world's leading malt research), FST's Glen Fox and Maany Ramanan (UC Brewing doctoral candidate) talk about Fox's background studying barley quality, his current research focus on starch structure, and how it impacts wort and beer quality, as well as Maany's current research project - assessing the effect of environment and genotype on malt quality. 

Linda J. Harris answers five questions in ANR interivew

February 14, 2022

In this UCANR News story from Feb. 10th, 2022, Mike Hsu asks FST's new American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow, Linda J. Harris, five questions about her academic journey and subsequent career in food science microbiology.  Read on at the link below for her thoughts on the value of extension work, her contributions to the field, UC Davis' support for women in academia, and another priceless vintage budding scientist photo!  Congratulations, Linda!


Erika Estrada featured in "Turning College Into A Career"

February 10, 2022

FST Ph.D. student Erika Estrada is featured in UC Admission blog's "Turning College into a Career" by Abigail Loomis, February 9th, 2022.  She is featured with another first-generation student, Irving Huerta (Political Science and Sustainable Environmental Design graduate, B.A. '20).  You can read more about their journeys and aspirations at the article here:  

Why Food Science Departments Need Leadership Boards

February 09, 2022

Longtime Food Science and Technology Leadership Board members Jacqueline Beckley and Leslie Herzog authored an article for IFT Digital Exclusives, February 7th, 2022: "Why Food Science Departments Need Leadership Boards".  In the article, they start with the history of food science leadership boards, ways in which they offer support to the departments, board member selection, charters, and opportunties for board members.  The pair draw on their considerable experience over the past three decades at four different university food science departments.  

Linda J. Harris is new AAAS Fellow

January 26, 2022
The Department of Food Science and Technology is pleased to announce that Linda J. Harris, Professor of Cooperative Extension was elected to the rank American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow by the Council of AAAS. 

Update from the UC Davis Department of Viticulture & Enology Extension Team

January 21, 2022

We were very excited that on Nov 10, we were able to host the 2021 Winter Grape Day at the UC Davis Conference Center, our first On Campus, in-person event since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Cooperative Extension Specialist, Kaan Kurtural, gathered 14 speakers presenting on topics ranging from the effects of wildfire smoke on grapevines, grapes, and wine to soil health, irrigation management, nitrogen in table grapes, and the effects of cover crops on grapevine physiology.