December 2013

Travel Policy regarding Airfare Exceptions

When booking airfare please note that the UCOP G-28 Travel Policy allows coach tickets. In order to have the university cover any business or first class airfare, it must meet one or more of the conditions noted in this message.

Retirement Counseling Transition

Effective January 2, 2014, the Davis Campus and UCDHS Benefits Offices will enter into a partnership with the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at the Office of the President in Oakland to assist employees in transitioning to the next important phase of their lives - Retirement.

Fleet rental vehicles at North parking structure

We just opened a remote rental car location at the North Entry parking structure under our UC Drive carshare program. I believe this location will be very convenient for CA&ES staff and offers hourly rates in addition to full or multiple day reservations.

Release of NASA Human Exploration Research Opportunities-by July 2014

For your information, the NASA Human Exploration Research Opportunities have just been announced. There is an Advanced Food Technology topic on nutrient degradation kinetics in Appendix A, Crew Health and Performance. If you are interested in responding, please see the information provided in this article.

The microorganisms in specific vineyards may be the first step toward understanding wines sense of place

Terroir -- the name given to the unique blend of a vineyard's soils, water and climate -- sculpts the flavor and quality of wine. Now a new study led by UC Davis researchers offers evidence that grapes and the wines they produce are also the product of an unseen but fairly predictable microbial terroir, itself shaped by the climate and geography of the region, vineyard -- and even individual vine.

MMG Faculty Recruitment Seminar Dec. 9

Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Recruitment Seminar Kimberley Seed, Ph.D. "Microbial warfare: Evolutionary dynamics between epidemic Vibrio cholerae and a predatory phage" Monday, December 9, 2013