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Bakery Product Development Competition - by Nov. 1 tfortis May 07, 2014
The American Society of Baking (ASB) is introducing a Product Development Competition. The competition is open to teams of students and individual professionals.

The Winery of the Future

April 06, 2014

While a few winemakers have consciously adopted a Luddite-like anti-technology position, most recognize that science and technology have led to better wines. Few places have done more to further the science of winemaking than the University of California, Davis, and its research and teaching winery and new sustainable research facilities are already perfecting many old processes as they test new ideas.

Travel Policy regarding Airfare Exceptions

December 20, 2013
When booking airfare please note that the UCOP G-28 Travel Policy allows coach tickets. In order to have the university cover any business or first class airfare, it must meet one or more of the conditions noted in this message.
Fleet rental vehicles at North parking structure tfortis December 19, 2013
We just opened a remote rental car location at the North Entry parking structure under our UC Drive carshare program. I believe this location will be very convenient for CA&ES staff and offers hourly rates in addition to full or multiple day reservations.