Alumni Profile: Steve Matthiasson

Year and degree of graduation: 
1996, M.S. Horticulture (Pest Management of Trees and Vines) 

Current job title/company: 
Owner, Matthiasson Family Vineyards 
Partner, Premiere Viticultural Services 

What have you been up to since you graduated? 
Growing grapes, making wine, consulting for other vineyards, and trying to help our industry be even more sustainable. 

Do you feel your UC Davis experience benefited your career?  

Alumni Profile: Jessica Tomei

Year and degree of graduation
2001 with a BS in Viticulture & Enology and a BA in Spanish 

Current job title/company 
Vice President, Winemaking, The Wine Group 

What have you been up to since you graduated?  
I have worked around the globe (Italy and Chile) and throughout California. I have worked in various parts of the industry including winemaking, sales, marketing, importing and logistics. 

Alumni Profile: Celia Welch

Year and degree of graduation:
I graduated in 1982 with a BS in Fermentation Science. In those days, winemaking and viticulture were considered separate disciplines. Many of the winemakers took the general viticulture class (as I did) but the two areas of study were considered separate disciplines. 

Current job title/company
My current title is Owner/Winemaker at Celia Welch Consulting. 

Historical Artwork with Agricultural Motifs on Display at the Robert Mondavi Institute Complex

Art and research intersect within the Department of Food Science and Technology

Peaches, grapes, tomatoes and olives – some of California’s specialty crops that have been the subject of numerous research projects at UC Davis are also a prominent feature in a colorful art display at the home of the Department of Food Science and Technology.

A large vinyl display was recently unveiled in the Robert Mondavi Institute (RMI) complex. It was created using images of three historical batik cloth panels that depict California agricultural motifs.

UC Davis FST Graduates Develop Allergen-free Ice Cream

Most people love eating a scoop of ice cream, but it’s not a treat that everyone can enjoy. A group of students who studied in the Department of Food Science and Technology created an innovative frozen dessert that is free of dairy, nuts and soy, making it something that people who have food allergies can savor.

140th Anniversary Alumni Celebration 2021

On December 3, 2021, we finally got the chance (after several attempts) to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the Department of Viticulture and Enology with approximately 150 people in attendance-only a year and a half after we intended!  The morning started with Department Chair David Block presenting a brief history (with pictures from the University Farm and Picnic Days) and the impact the department has had on the California and global grape and wine industries since its start in 1880.  With respect to impact, Dr.

Alumni Profile: Daniel Baron

Year and degree of graduation: 
I received my BS in Plant Science in 1976 (V&E Department Citation for Outstanding Undergraduate Accomplishment) and completed my classwork for my MS in Horticulture in 1978.  I completed my thesis and received my MS in 1981.  My thesis advisors were Dr. Harold Olmo and biometeorologist Dr. Jerry Hatfield. My thesis topic was Microclimate and Wine Quality of Eleven Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyards of the Napa Valley in 1976.