October 2013

Food Preservation is Fun - Oct. 24

Got too many zucchini, tomatoes or plums from the summer crop? Want to enjoy them after the season is long gone? This presentation will give an overview of the four major food preservation techniques.

FST seminar - Morton Satin - Oct. 23

Morton Satin, Vice President of Science and Research at the Salt Institute, will be the featured speaker at the food science seminar Wednesday Oct 23 from 4:10-5 pm. Satin will address Fostering Consumer-Driven Product Development. The seminar will be held in the Theater of the RMI Sensory building.

Soil Carbon Change and Net Energy Associated with Biofuel Production on Marginal lands: A Regional Modeling Perspective - Oct. 16

The utilization of marginal lands for biofuel production has been proposed as a promising solution for meeting biofuel demands while avoiding food-feed-fuel conflicts. However, there is uncertainty surrounding whether or not marginal lands can be reliably located, as well as their inherent biofuel potential and the possible environmental impacts.