Travel Policy regarding Airfare Exceptions

Hello MyTravel Users, 

When booking airfare please note that the UCOP G-28 Travel Policy allows coach tickets. In order to have the university cover any business or first class airfare, it must meet one or more of the conditions noted below. The full policy can be found at under the policy link. 

G-28 Travel Policy, page 16 
Air Travel 
Commercial Airlines 

Coach Class. Coach class or any discounted class shall be used in the interest of economy. This policy applies to all travel (domestic or foreign, or any combination thereof) regardless of the purpose or fund source. 

Business or First Class. Use of business or first-class or other higher-cost services (e.g., priority boarding or early check-in) may be authorized under the circumstances listed below. Documentation of such circumstances must be provided on the Travel Expense Voucher. 

1) Business or first-class is the only service offered between two points; 
2) The use of coach class would be more expensive or time consuming, e.g., when, because of scheduling difficulties, traveling by air coach would require an unnecessary hotel expense, circuitous routing, or an unduly long layover when making connections; 
3) An itinerary involves overnight travel without an opportunity for normal rest before the commencement of working hours; 
4) The use of business or first-class travel is necessary to reasonably accommodate a disability or medical need of a traveler. 

In order to purchase Business or First Class airfare due to a medical need, a Doctors Statement stating that the upgrade is necessary for business travel must be faxed into the MyTravel Report and must be dated within the current fiscal year. 

When a traveler prefers to use a higher class than the one authorized for reimbursement, the traveler must pay the incremental cost of the airfare.