Donpon (Dawn) Wannasin wins IFT's Caldwell Graduate Fellowship

A huge congratulations to Donpon (Dawn) Wannasin on her being awarded the prestigious and competitive IFT Feeding Tomorrow Fund Dr. Elwood F. Caldwell Graduate Fellowship! Dawn, a first-year Ph.D. student in Selina Wang's lab, was awarded the $25,000 fellowship for her research which focuses on the extraction and characterization of phenolic compounds and other important bioactives in agricultural and food byproducts for potential food and supplement application to improve human and planetary health. 

Yeast and Microbial Oils feature in Bon Appetit

Research on yeast oil being done at UC Davis was mentioned in a May 15, 2024 article in Bon Appetit magazine about microbial cooking oils. Phaff Yeast Culture Collection curator Dr. Kyria Boundy-Mills was quoted several times in this article about the future of cooking oils made by fermentation of microbes, including yeasts. The article discusses the favorable properties of several commercially available microbial cooking oils, the improved carbon footprint relative to vegetable oils, and discusses challenges, especially the costs of production.

Barile and Wang labs study health benefits of upcycled Chardonnay grapes

In an April article from Food Ingredients First / Nutrition Insight, Dr. Daniela Barile explains her work on evaluating the bioactive compounds of Chardonnay grape marc (or pomace), which is a substantial waste product of the wine industry, making up around 30% of the grape’s weight. The Chardonnay grape marc is studied because of its health benefits in the gut microbiota and ability to suppress pathogens.

FST Undergrads Turn Out for 35th Annual Research Conference

The UC Davis 35th Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference (April 26-27, 2024) was well-represented by 13 FST undergraduates. The conference is designed to acquaint undergraduate students with the process and academic rigors of presenting research in a scholarly manner and in an affirming environment, and is open to all academic fields. 

Their names and presentation titles are below, as well as their faculty lab affiliation.  For more about the conference, see the link below.  

Selina Wang awarded the AOCS Timothy L. Mounts Award

Congratulations to Dr. Selina Wang for winning the 2024 Timothy L. Mounts award, given by the American Oil Chemists Society Edible Applications Technology Division. The award recognizes research related to the science and technology of edible oils or derivatives in food products, which may be basic or applied in nature. This award commemorates Timothy Mounts as a distinguished scientist and leader who made numerous contributions to the science and technology of edible fats and oils.