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Andrea Aguilar receives professional human resources certification

May 25, 2021

Two members of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Distributed Shared Services Center (DiSSC) have received certifications from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) - human resources managers Andrea Aguilar (from our BFTV Cluster) and Leslie Jones.

DiSSC is a two-year-old department that delivers human resources, payroll and leave administration services throughout the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. It was created in 2019 after the campus converted to a new payroll and human resources system called UCPath. 

Machines Poised To Replace Vineyard Workers Ahmad Hakim July 23, 2019
One of the greatest expenses of making wine is the cost of people. Much of the work in picking wine grapes, or really any fruit, is the cost of doing the work by hand. Many hands are required. For now, that is; inventors continue to tweak designs for machines that can prune and pick in the vineyards and orchards. The Viticulture & Enology program at the University of California-Davis is involved in the transition, as is the UC's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Kaan Kurtural of UCD visits with George Zhuang of UCANR .
BFTV cluster embraces Green Workplace Initiative Andrea Thompson February 13, 2015
UC Davis is promoting "Green Offices" and "Green Laboratories" in the Gateway neighborhood, and each lab group and administrative unit have an opportunity to join the program. The Departments of Food Science and Viticulture & Enology, and the Administrative Offices of the BFTV Cluster are working to become certified.
Policy and Form Regarding Movement of University Property tfortis February 06, 2014
The UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual provides authorization for the movement or removal of university property via a convenient form that is carried by the person moving the property.
Office of Research Funding Listservs tfortis September 30, 2013
Subscribe to the Office of Research Funding Listservs
Announcing MyUCDavis Student Portal - Oct 1 tfortis September 30, 2013
About a year ago, the Student Affairs Office of Technology (SAOT)in collaboration with the academic colleges, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications, and multiple campus departmentsbegan to build a product that would streamline student interactions with the university as well as the way they receive information.
Update to Graduate Student Appointment Policy - July 2013 tfortis July 22, 2013
The Office of Graduate Studies would like to announce the recent update of the Academic Personnel Manual Appendix IIB, Appointment of Graduate Students to Academic Positions -