Research Spotlight: Dr. Ron Runnebaum - Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

July 26, 2018

Dr. Runnebaum’s lab works on developing processes for more sustainable use of our natural resources, including those important in winemaking. These processes often involve the development and use of solid materials that can be regenerated and reused and can both replace the use of chemicals and reduce solid waste produced. For example, researchers in the lab have begun studying alternatives to bentonite for protein fining by using solid materials as adsorbents in a continuously operated column.

Awards Pour In for Charlie Bamforth

June 27, 2018

UC Davis brewing legend Charlie Bamforth has been honored this year with not one but three of the most prestigious global awards in his field.

Read all about them in the Laurels section of the UC Davis News site, linked below.

Congratulations to Dr. Bamforth!

Distinguished Professor Charlie Bamforth awarded the Horace Brown Medal Andrea Thompson May 29, 2018

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling is honoring Distinguished Professor Charlie Bamforth with the Horace Brown Medal, which will be awarded at their Presidential Dinner on September 21st 2018.

FST Faculty Affiliate Dr. Matthew Lange's "Internet of Food" featured in article Andrea Thompson May 24, 2018

Dr. Matthew Lange, a Professional Food and Health Informatician and Research Scientist who is an FST faculty affiliate, was interviewed by FoodNavigator.com recently about the Internet of Food, which is creating a common language that can be used to digitize every aspect of the food system.

The article by Katy Askew is online now, read it in full here.



Dr. Diane Barrett featured in NPR news story

May 18, 2018

Dr. Diane Barrett, Cooperative Extension Specialist Emerita, was recently featured in a news story on National Public Radio (NPR). 

Dr. Barrett explained her research for a news story titled "Frozen Food Fan? As Sales Rise, Studies Show Frozen Produce Is As Healthy As Fresh".

Listen to Dr. Barrett speak, or read the news story, on the NPR website.