Request Tracker (RT) Introduction (not verified) September 16, 2015
A brief introduction to the Cluster ticketing system for support issues.
Satisfaction Survey Provides Feedback to BFTV Cluster Teams tfortis April 11, 2013
A simple survey tool allows customers of BFTV Cluster services to provide feedback to the various support teams. This tool is connected through the RT (Request Tracker) system which is heavily used by the cluster staff to track support issues and provide metrics in each of the functional areas.

Chancellor's Grand Prize for Best Oral Presentation

April 09, 2013

Congratulations to our very own Tom Williams, Ph.D. Candidate in Maria Marco's lab, for being selected for the Chancellor's Grand Prize for Best Oral Presentation at the 2013 Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Symposium! 

Tom was also selected for the Dean's Prize for Best Oral Presentation in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences! 

Other winners are listed on the PDF below.