Recent publications by the VEN faculty

Problematic Crops: 1. Grape: To Long Life and Good Health: Untangling the Complexity of Grape Diseases to Develop PathogenResistant Varieties 
D Cantu, MC Roper, ALT Powell, JM Labavitch 
Plant Pathogen Resistance Biotechnology, 193

Ripening of Tomato Fruit and Susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea 
B Blanco-Ulate, E Vincenti, D Cantu, ALT Powell 
Botrytisthe Fungus, the Pathogen and its Management in Agricultural Systems ...

Hitting the Wall: Plant Cell Walls During Botrytis cinerea Infections 
B Blanco-Ulate, JM Labavitch, E Vincenti, ALT Powell, D Cantu 
Botrytisthe Fungus, the Pathogen and its Management in Agricultural Systems ...

Impact of the [GAR+] Prion on Fermentation and Bacterial Community Composition with Saccharomyces cerevisiae UCD932 
GA Walker, A Hjelmeland, NA Bokulich, DA Mills, SE Ebeler, LF Bisson 
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, ajev. 2016.15092

Sugar and Glycerol Transport in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
LF Bisson, Q Fan, GA Walker 
Yeast Membrane Transport, 125-168

Population Dynamics of Aspergillus Section Nigri Species on Vineyard Samples of Grapes and Raisins 
JD Palumbo, TL O'keeffe, YS Ho, MW Fidelibus 
Journal of Food Protection® 79 (3), 448-453 

Plant hydraulics as a central hub integrating plant and ecosystem function: meeting report for Emerging Frontiers in Plant Hydraulics(Washington, DC, May 2015) 
L Sack, MC Ball, C Brodersen, SD Davis, DL Des Marais, LA Donovan, ... 
Plant, Cell & Environment

Bark water uptake promotes localized hydraulic recovery in coastal redwood crown 
J Mason Earles, O Sperling, LCR Silva, AJ McElrone, CR Brodersen, ... 
Plant, cell & environment 39 (2), 320-328 1 

Effects of Various Vineyard Floor Management Techniques on Weed Community Shifts and Grapevine Water Relations 
KL Steenwerth, A Orellana-Calderón, RC Hanifin, C Storm, AJ McElrone 
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, ajev. 2015.15050

Analysis Of Pinot Noir Wines By HS-SPME GC/Q-TOF: Correlating Geographical Origin With Volatile Aroma Profiles 
PL Wylie, A Hjelmeland, RC Runnebaum, SE Ebeler 
Planta Medica 82 (05), OA49 

Effects of grape seed extract beverage on blood pressure and metabolic indices in individuals with pre-hypertension: a randomised, double-blinded, two-arm, parallel, placebo-controlled trial 
E Park, I Edirisinghe, YY Choy, A Waterhouse, B Burton-Freeman 
British Journal of Nutrition 115 (02), 226-238

How to Get Published in JSFA 
A Waterhouse, M Shepherd 
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 96 (1), 7-8

The PI3K/Akt pathway is involved in procyanidinmediated suppression of human colorectal cancer cell growth 
YY Choy, M Fraga, GG Mackenzie, AL Waterhouse, E Cremonini, ... 
Molecular carcinogenesis