Western Innovator: Machine learning aids irrigation Ahmad Hakim March 31, 2020
As a cooperative extension specialist with the University of California-Davis, Sahap Kaan Kurtural leverages artificial intelligence to enable vineyard managers to optimize irrigation without huge capital investments.
Recap: On-The-Road in Temecula Andrea Thompson January 16, 2020

On November 18, 2019, UC Davis V and E Extension traveled to Temecula, CA, to meet with growers and vintners in Riverside County.  To determine the most relevant topics to present, we worked closely with Carmen Gispert, the Viticulture Farm Advisor for Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties. 

A look back on 43 years: Dr. Roger Boulton's career and what's next Andrea Thompson January 09, 2020

Distinguished Professor Roger Boulton retired on June 30th 2019, after 43 years with the department.  To find out how the momentous life change of retirement is going, we asked him about his years at UC Davis, and his years ahead.


When did you start at UC Davis, and how did you feel when you first started?

Recap: Seminar honoring the retirement of Professor David Smart Andrea Thompson January 07, 2020

 On December 3, 2019, UC Davis V&E Extension hosted a viticulture seminar titled "Honoring the retirement of David Smart: From root biology to carbon sequestration.”