Congratulations to VEN scholarship winners

over two dozen scholarship winners
Some of the Viticulture and Enology scholarship awardees at the celebratory barbecue.

Congratulations to all of our students who won scholarships this year!  Scholarship winners were celebrated on June 4 at a barbecue overlooking the Good Life Garden at UC Davis.  Many donors were present at the celebration and mingled with the students.  The Department is grateful to our generous donors who make these opportunities possible. 

  • Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin: Michael Halajian, Deepika Koushik
  • The WineXRay International Internship: Zach Hillman
  • The Marchese Antinori International Internship Award: Sarah Atwood will work harvest at the family’s Tenuta Tignanello in Tuscany
  • The DEVO International Internship Award: Keaton Crow, Francisco J Lopez Garcia will work harvest at a destination of their choice
  • The EnoTrex International Internship Award: Rose Ballantine
  • The Leon D. Adams Research Scholarship: Raul Girardello, Yu-Te Tseng
  • The Curtis J. Alley Memorial Research Scholarship: Clarissa Reyes
  • The Harry Baccigaluppi Scholarship: Kay Senn
  • The Robert Lawrence Balzer Scholarship: Jerry Lin
  • The Harold Berg Memorial Fund: Ardic Arikal
  • The Michael Bonaccorsi Scholarship: Guillermo Garcia Zamora, Malenca Logan
  • The John C. Cole memorial Scholarship: Jason Reum
  • The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Scholarship: Andrew Caffery
  • The Nathan Fay Scholarship: Clarissa Reyes
  • The John Ferrington Award: Noah Felvey
  • The Albert G. and Lillian R. Fradkin Scholarship: Patrick Nichols
  • The David E. Gallo Award: Raul Girardello, Kay Senn, Yu-Te Tseng, Runze Yu
  • The Louis R. Gomberg Scholarship: Jerry Lin, Kay Senn, Yu-Te Tseng, Runze Yu
  • The Adolf L. & Richie C. Heck Research Fellowship: Ardic Arikal, Robert Bruce, Andrew Caffrey, James Campbell, Noah Felvey, Nick Jensen, Chad Masarweh, Andy Nguyen, Patrick Nichols
  • The Knights of the Vine Scholarship: James Campbell, Jerry Lin, Cory Marx, Patrick Nichols, Clarissa Reyes, Arran Rumbaugh, Runze Yu
    • The IWFS (International Wine and Food Society) Award: Andre Swart
  • The Richard and Saralee Kunde Scholarship: Taylor Reiter
  • The Horace O. Lanza Scholarship: James Campbell, Chad Masarweh, Andy Nguyen, Patrick Nichols, Taylor Reiter, Clarissa Reyes, Arran Rumbaugh, Kay Senn, Yu-Te Tseng, Runze Yu
  • The Margrit Mondavi Fellowship: Jerry Lin, Clarissa Reyes
  • The Paul Monk Scholarship: Chad Masarweh
  • The Haskell F. Norman Wine & Food Society Scholarship: Taylor Reiter
  • The Harold P. Olmo Scholarship: Andy Nguyen
  • The Placer County Wine & Grape Association: Riley Sullivan
  • The Rossi Prize: Jesus De Haro, Adelyn Dearden, Edilberto Torres
    • The Vernon and Kathryn Singleton Enology Scholarship: Robert Bruce
  • The Rusty Staub Fellowship: Taylor Reiter, Cory Marx
  • The Mario P. Tribuno Memorial Research Fellowship: Ardic Arikal, Robert Bruce, Andrew Caffrey, James Campbell, Noah Felvey, Michael Meloni
  • The Brad Webb Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Caffery
  • The William J. Wiesner Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Reiter, Arran Rumbaugh
  • The Wine Institute Scholarship: Mark Bui-Ford, Peter Carnevale, Jason Reum, Jiangshaoqian Zhu, Samnang Hay, Bryan Lairmore
  • The Wine Spectator Scholarship Graduate students: Mark Bui-Ford, Peter Carnevale, Guillermo Garcia Zamora, Preston Kramer, Jason Reum, Jiangshaoqian Zhu, Martina Galeano, Samnang Hay, Bryan Lairmore.  Undergraduate students: Alexandria Butler, Jordan Axe, Arpa Boghozian, Mackenzie Davis, Jesus De Haro, Adelyn Dearden, Xi Feng, Gabriela Fontanesi, Tianshu Gao, Hannah Hanlon, Amelia Huang, Hawley Jarrett, Kendal Koorenny, Ji Qi, Nathan Sneller, Kylie Stehmeier, Kenna Wells
  • The Pearl & Albert J. Winkler Scholarship in Viticulture: Christopher Chen, Jerry Lin, Eliot Meeker, Andy Nguyen, Patrick Nichols