Viticulture and Enology Faculty Awards and Honors


Congratulations to Dr. Anita Oberholster, Cooperative Extension Specialist in Enology, in the Department of Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis! She has been selected by the UC Davis Academic Federation Executive Council as the recipient of the 2021 Academic Federation Distinguished Service Award. As California’s only extension enologist, Anita supports more than 4,500 wineries. In response to catastrophic wildfires, Oberholster pivoted her research to look at: the effect of smoke on grapes and wine, better analysis methods for detection (and she donated her lab’s analysis method which helped laboratories to alleviate backlogs at commercial testing centers), and the evaluation of mitigation methods. By translating findings into hundreds of emails, talks, press interviews, and website resources (including a popular live question-and-answer session and video), she has been a lifeline to a changing industry. The committee commented that “her outstanding efforts over the past decade are extraordinary and exemplify distinguished service.” This award is in addition to her selection for the recently announced 2021 ASEV Extension Distinction Award. 

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