Recap of Wine Flavor 101 events

Wine Glasses

We had another successful Wine Flavor 101 program on the 18th of May focusing on "Recognizing non-microbial taints". The workshop was focused on helping wine professionals recognize and then remediate taints arising from the vineyard as well as post-fermentation oxidative and cork taints. Potential taint compounds were evaluated in a neutral matrix. Nick Dokoozlian from E& J Gallo Winery discussed the practical methods that can be employed to minimize vineyard-related taints; Sue Langstaff from Applied Sensory, LLC gave tips on training winery staff to recognize taints early; and Signe Zoller from Zoller Wine Consulting focused on how to minimize taint formation during winemaking. It was a great day with vigorous discussions and many interesting aroma descriptives for those taint standards! 

Our summer program on the 28th of July focused on emerging varietals with a record number of tastings from various vineyard and winery trials. The day ranged from Italian varieties being evaluated in the San Juaquin Valley to the new Pierce's Disease resistant releases generated by Andy Walker. A winemaker panel discussed their most successful emerging varietals and innovative use of novel varietals in blends. Albriño, Arinto, Fiano, Bonarda, Graciano, Verdejo and many more intriguing varietals were evaluated. It was a great day. Please stay tuned for our next program, a two day comprehensive program focused on viticulture, which will be held on December 12 and 13, 2017.