Fermentation Readiness extension course recap

beginning fermentation

Wine Flavor 101 Series: Issues Program 

On July 15, 2016, Dr. Linda Bisson presented an issues program dedicated to fermentation readiness. The program spanned topics from fermentation management strategies to dealing with problem fermentations and challenges in restarting arrested ferments. Fermentation management included discussions of special cases of use of non-Saccharomyces strains and native fermentations. Special emphasis was also placed on recent findings with respect to difficult to ferment juices and factors leading to fermentation inhibition by acetic and lactic acid bacteria. 

For this program, questions on any of the topics covered were sought from the email list and several were included in the open discussion sections in the morning and afternoon. This program addressed both chronic and special case (high temperature shock, lack of adequate nutrition, poor strain choice) situations of sluggish and stuck fermentations. Comments on evaluations described the program as "encyclopedic" with attendees wishing even more information had been packed into the program. 

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