Congratulations to the 2021 Scholarship & Award Recipients


Congratulations to all students who received scholarships and awards this year. Scholarship winners were celebrated on Friday, June 11, 2021, during the Department of Viticulture and Enology Zoom graduation ceremony.  The Department is grateful to the generous donors who make these opportunities possible. 

The Department of Viticulture and Enology awarded the following students with department citations at the end of the 2021 academic year.  

Departmental Awards 

  • Outstanding Senior and Department Citation: Mackenzie Davis

  • Department Citations: Sung Hong, Hawley Jarrett, Chad Trausch, Kendal Koorenny 

The Leon D. Adams Research Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins 

The Curtis J. Alley Memorial Research Scholarship 
Joshua Hnizdor 

American Vineyard Viticulture Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins, Mary Riley, Alan Rodriguez 

The Harry Baccigaluppi Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins 

The Robert Lawrence Balzer Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins, Mary Riley, Alan Rodriguez 

The Harold Berg Memorial Scholarship 
Mary Riley, Ann-Dorie Webley 

The Michael Bonaccorsi Scholarship 
Gabriel Altamura, Brianna Lopez 

The John C. Cole Memorial Scholarship 
Joshua Hnizdor 

The Nathan Fay Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins 

The John Ferrington Award 
Yu-Te Tseng 

The C.O. Foerster Jr. Scholarship
Maria Zumkeller 

The Albert G. and Lillian R. Fradkin Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins, Lauren Marigliano, Maria Zumkeller  

The David E. Gallo Award 
Maria Zumkeller 

The Adolf L. & Richie C. Heck Research Fellowship 
Elizabeth Hutchinson, Yu-Te Tseng 

The International Wine and Food Society Award 
Saskia Tingey 

The Knights of the Vine Scholarship 
Andrew Misialek  

The Richard and Saralee Kunde Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins 

The Horace O. Lanza Scholarship 
Joshua Hnizdor, Matt Jenkins, Hamid Kamangir, Michael Meloni, Lauren Marigliano, Mary Riley, Alan Rodriguez, Ann-Dorie Webley, Mirella Zaccheo, Maria Zumkeller 

The Margrit Mondavi Fellowship 
Matt Jenkins, Hamid Kamangir, Mary Riley, Alan Rodriguez, Ann-Dorie Webley, Mirella Zaccheo 

The Haskell F. Norman Wine & Food Society Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins, Alan Rodriguez, Mirella Zaccheo 

The Harold P. Olmo Scholarship 
Matt Jenkins, Lauren Marigliano  

The Orange County Wine Society Scholarship 
Brianna Lopez, Mireia Domenech Lopez  

The Rossi Graduate Research Scholarship 
Joshua Hnizdor, Mireia Domenech Lopez, Andrew Misialek, David Scott, Runze Song, Yan Song, Brianna Lopez 

The Vernon and Kathryn Singleton Scholarship 
Hamid Kamangir 

The Maria P. Tribuno Memorial Research Fellowship 
Michael Meloni, Mary Riley, Yu-Te Tseng, Ann-Dorie Webley 

The Richard Ward Fellowship 
Joshua Hnizdor 

The Brad Webb Memorial Scholarship 
Ann-Dorie Webley, Mary Riley 

The William J. Wiesner Memorial Scholarship 
Mary Riley 

The Wine Institute Award 
Mireia Domenech Lopez  

The Wine Spectator Scholarship 
Gabriel Altamura, Priscilla Garica Alvarez, Arpa Boghozian, Julia Bell, Luis Cendejas, Phoenix Dai, Samuel Dhiman, Moises Gomez, Joshua Hnizdor, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Marcos Jimenez, Hamid  Kamangir, Kendal Koorenny, Yuyan Kuang, Brianna Lopez, Mireia Domenech Lopez, Lauren Marigliano, Fressia Peng, Lai Peng, Saskia Tingey, Yu-Te Tseng, Ann-Dorie Webley, Hannah Williams, Maria Zumkeller 

The Pearl & Albert J. Winkler Scholarship in Viticulture 
Matt Jenkins, Hamid Kamangir 

The Laffort USA Enology Fund
Yuyan Kang 

The Rossi Prize 
Luis Cendajas, Hannah Williams 

Several students also received scholarships from ASEV. A list of their names can be found here