Student Profile: Bainian Chen


Student standing:
I am currently a second-year master’s student. 

Degree/Focus/interest areas: 
I find myself drawn more towards enology and sensory science than viticulture. My master’s degree research is focused on the impact of smoke on wine. Additionally, my passion lies at the intersection of wine marketing and business. As an undergraduate in the V&E major, I had the opportunity to engage with the industry, and it became apparent to me that China is one of the largest and most promising wine markets globally. Recognizing its nascent stage and immense growth potential, I have developed a keen interest in contributing to the wine business field. My goal is to facilitate the proliferation of wine culture and foster the development of the wine market in China. 

Where are you from originally?  

What brought you to UC Davis? 
Since my interests lie in the fields of wine marketing and business, and recognizing the increased sophistication of consumers in their knowledge of wines, I believe that a profound understanding of the scientific aspects of winemaking will be crucial for success in the future wine market. Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I realized that my accumulated knowledge in viticulture and enology fell short of what I needed to achieve my goals in the wine industry. 

UC Davis stood out as a premier institution offering one of the best viticulture and enology programs globally, renowned for its cutting-edge and rigorous curriculum. Situated in California, near the esteemed Napa Valley, one of the most sought-after wine production regions in the US, UC Davis provides unparalleled access to valuable resources. This proximity affords me numerous opportunities to immerse myself in the wine industry, visit renowned wineries, and network with key figures in the field. Thus, I decided to pursue advanced studies in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis to further deepen my knowledge and enhance my prospects in the dynamic world of wine. 

What do you enjoy the most about studying in this program? 
Since joining UC Davis, my enthusiasm for Viticulture and Enology subject matter has only grown stronger. I find great pleasure in attending classes daily and relish the opportunities to engage with my professors and fellow students after each session. Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired during my undergraduate studies, I have expanded my understanding of the wine industry. Engaging in discussions with classmates who bring valuable work experience from wineries has allowed me to gain insights beyond the formal curriculum. 

What are your plans after you graduate?  
I plan to embark on a journey into the world of winemaking by participating in both a sparkling harvest and a red harvest in the fall of 2024 in the United States. My goal is to gain a profound understanding of wine production and apply the knowledge gained in practical scenarios. Subsequently, I aim to launch my career in the wine business. 

Recognizing wine as a highly individualized product, each bottle possessing its unique character, I envision a future for the wine market that is diversified and distinct. Rather than blindly selecting a heavily barreled Cabernet Sauvignon off the shelf, I believe consumers should have ample opportunities to discover and appreciate the specific styles that resonate with their preferences. I aspire to contribute to the wine industry by fostering a culture where individuals can explore and find the wines that truly appeal to their tastes. 

Looking ahead, considering the continuous growth of the wine market in China, I foresee a heightened demand for unique and premium wines of various styles to cater to evolving consumer preferences, as consumers become more and more educated with respect to wine. My long-term vision involves introducing a diverse selection of high-quality wines from around the world to the Chinese market. Simultaneously, I aim to showcase the exceptional wines produced in China to a global audience, highlighting the country's growing reputation for producing fantastic wines. Through these initiatives, I aspire to play a role in shaping a more dynamic and interconnected global wine industry. 

What is one unique thing about you? 
I possess a profound passion for the realm of art, firmly convinced that both Viticulture and Enology are intricately connected to this artistic realm. I see the journey from viticulture, through enology, to the exquisite experience of wine tasting as diverse forms of artistic expression. In my daily life, I derive immense joy from immersing myself in music, playing various musical instruments, creating visual art through drawing, and capturing moments through photography. I often think about the profound connection between wine and art, contemplating how to elevate the appreciation of the beauty inherent in wine. I believe my passion for both art and wine is a distinct part of me.