Course Profile: Professor Linda Bisson's class on Wine Production

students in wine production

Students in Dr. Bisson's Wine Production lab this year conducted several research projects aimed at showing the impact of wine processing decisions on wine color. 

Student groups experimented with saignee, co-pigmentation, whole cluster fermentation and observed that the ML strain used during the malolactic fermentation can all impact color measurements. Total color as well as hue and browning were impacted in these trials. In the case of the co-pigmentation trial in informal blind sensory assessments students were able to detect differences in color among the treatments. In others, although the chemical analysis showed a clear difference, the ability to detect that difference was insignificant. 

The bottom line? In preference tests even when a color difference was detected there was no distinct preference for any wine based on color. "It is important for students to see that simple changes in winemaking protocols can impact final wine color," said Bisson, "but it's equally important for them to understand the impact of that color difference in the marketplace".