Iron Brew Undergrad Winners Featured on UC Davis News/Dateline

caledonian nights label

Congratulations to Iron Brew Competition winners (and FST Brewing Science undergrads) Baoluo Gao, Charlie Thudium, Andres Rugama, and Eitan Newfield, who along with Anheuser-Busch Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences Dr. Glen Fox, made the UC Davis main News page and are featured in Dateline UC Davis.  The beer from the winning team is on sale now at supporting brewing partner Sudwerk, and in stores next week after August 3rd (details in article).

You can read their interesting story and see a video at the link below, and "follow along" from home at the Robert Mondavi Institutes's Sips and Bites Zoom event on Wednesday, August 12th

Media Contact
John Stumbos and Hector Amezcua, CAES Communications
Dave Jones and Karen Higgins, Office of Strategic Communications