Update to Graduate Student Appointment Policy - July 2013

The Office of Graduate Studies would like to announce the recent update of the Academic Personnel Manual Appendix IIB, Appointment of Graduate Students to Academic Positions - http://manuals.ucdavis.edu/apm/II-B.htm

Highlighted below are some of the changes made. 

* Removal of postdoctoral scholar and visiting postdoctoral scholar appointments from this policy. It is now located in APM-390 and covered by the PX bargaining agreement. 

* Updated eligibility requirements for student academic appointments, including those students in course-work-only, filing fee, PELP, and In-Absentia status, as well as students in professional schools, self-supporting programs, intercampus exchange and education abroad programs, and non-students and undergraduates. 

* Clarification on standard dates of appointment, percentage of appointment, and limits on the quarters of employment. 

* Clarification of vacation and sick leave benefits. 

* Addition of a requirement to provide an appointment letter to GSRs (sample included), and removal of outdated appointment processes for all graduate student employment appointments. 

* Replacement of the title 'Research Assistant' with 'Graduate Student Researcher' and clarification of duties and steps associated with GSR appointments. 

* Addition of a requirement for minimum compensation for GSR appointments. 

* Addition of layoff, reduction in time, emergency layoff, and notice period requirements for GSRs. 

* Addition of the term 'tuition' in addition to fees. 

* Correction of all links to contracts and UCOP policies.