Selina Wang awarded the AOCS Timothy L. Mounts Award

Selina Wang and award plaque for the AOCS Timothy Mounts Award
Zann Gates

Congratulations to Dr. Selina Wang for winning the 2024 Timothy L. Mounts award, given by the American Oil Chemists Society Edible Applications Technology Division. The award recognizes research related to the science and technology of edible oils or derivatives in food products, which may be basic or applied in nature. This award commemorates Timothy Mounts as a distinguished scientist and leader who made numerous contributions to the science and technology of edible fats and oils.

Between 2011 and 2022, Dr. Wang was the Research Director of the UC Davis Olive Center, developing collaborative projects with the university and industry and helping to find practical solutions to push the forefront of olive research and education. Her projects include purity and quality, chemistry and sensory correlation, analytical method development, standards establishment (e.g., olive oil standards for the State of California in 2014), processing advancement and byproducts management. In 2020, the Wang Lab published the first extensive study of commercial avocado oil quality and purity.