Department Seminar Series - April 6, 2022

Sierra Durham FST seminar image
Zann Gates

You are invited to attend the Food Science department seminar on Wednesday April 6, 2022 at 4:10 PM PDTYou can attend live in-person in room 1207 RMI South, or virtually by Zoom. 

April 6: (NOTE DATE CHANGE) Sierra Durham, Ph.D. Candidate, Barile Lab, will present her Exit seminar, “Sources and Strategies for Improving the Isolation of Oligosaccharides from Milk and Dairy Streams”

Sierra's bio and the talk summary are in the PDF flyer.  

You can attend virtually by Zoom:
OR attend in person in room 1207 RMI South.

Mark your calendar for spring quarter 2022 seminars:

April 13: TBD
April 20: M.S. Exit Seminar, Sophie Pinton, Bell Lab, “Alternative Green Extraction Methods for Revitalizing Wine Grape pomace”
April 27: Ph.D. Exit Seminar, Shiva Emami, Taha Lab, “Exposure to Antibiotic Residues from Seafood”

May 4 – June 1: First-year Food Science graduate student presentations

May 4: 
Melanie Hanlon, M.S. student, Erin DiCaprio lab, “Variation in Biological and Chemical Characteristics of Cabbage-Based Ferment Produced in Home and Laboratory Conditions”
Alisha Kar, Ph.D. student, Gail Bornhorst lab, “Understanding the effects of different processing technologies on the digestion process and health”

May 11
Hanna Louvau, M.S. student, Linda J. Harris lab, “Understanding growth and survival of Salmonella throughout the fermentation process of cashew cheese”

Jane Ong, Ph.D. student, Julien Delarue lab, “Sensory categorization of plant-based and dairy milks”

May 18
Truc Pham, M.S. student, Daniela Barile lab, “Analysis and characterization of plant proteins”

Maany Ramanan, Ph.D. student, Glen Fox and Christine Diepenbrock labs, “Impact of environment and genotype on the starch quality of malting barley”

May 25
Sadia Sattar, Ph.D. student, Nitin lab, “Natural milk fat globules for in situ generation of bioactive lipids for targeting inflammation
Emily Weintraut, Ph.D. Student, Glen Fox Lab, “NABLAB: Finding natural low-alcohol yeasts for beers”

June 1
Jessica Young, M.S. student, Glen Fox lab, “Hop creep: Quantified, understood and solved”