Barile awarded new Food Systems Innovation Grant by UC Davis Office of Research

UCD Office of Research
Zann Gates
Daniela Barile
Dr. Daniela Barile receives the 1st Food Systems Innovation grant, 2021.

Congratulations to FST's Dr. Daniela Barile, who was awarded $50,000 in July 2021 for the first-ever Food Systems Innovation (FSI) grant. The grant, a newly launched collaboration between Venture Catalyst and the Innovation Institute for Food and Health (IIFH), awards $50,000 to fund innovative technology advancements aimed at addressing global nutritional challenges.  

Applicants were evaluated by a review committee consisting of industry leaders and investors that have partnered with IIFH on various programs.  Barile's research, titled: Developing activated probiotics for enhanced persistence and colonization in the gut, is summarized:

Probiotics are increasingly used to improve gut health. One current challenge is the lack of persistence of probiotics in gut ecosystems which lowers their efficacy. Barile and Co-principal investigator David Mills have demonstrated that complexing probiotic bacteria with milk glycoproteins increases persistence in the gut. Barile’s team seeks to examine whey phospholipid concentrate, a waste stream from cheese production rich in milk glycoproteins, as a generalized substrate to complex probiotic strains to enhance probiotic efficacy.

A total of $435,000 was awarded to help eight scientists advance their research and innovations toward commercial applications through three proof-of-concept grant programs.  

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