BAE weekly seminar: Tuesday, November 4, 1:10

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Posted on: October 31, 2014

Please join us for the BAE weekly seminar 

Tuesday, November 4, 1:10  2:00 pm, 2045 Bainer Hall 

Topic: Modeling the Architecture and Physiology of Growing Trees 

Presenter: Ted DeJong, Plant Sciences 

Crop modeling in fruit trees is particularly challenging because they are perennial crops and crop production is dependent on tree growth and development that occurs over multiple years and no two trees or years are exactly the same.

In addition, orchards are subject to multiple management practices that affect tree growth and development and therefore cropping over multiple years. Therefore work in my lab has focused on developing a virtual tree model that dynamically simulates tree architectural growth and development and cropping as well as tree physiological functioning (photosynthesis, transpiration, diurnal patterns of stem water potential, carbon partitioning, carbohydrate storage and remobilization) over multiple years. 

The research initially focused on the L-Peach model but we are currently attempting to demonstrate how the work on the peach model can be translated to modeling another species, namely almond. 

About Dr. DeJong 
Dr. DeJong is the Principle Investigator for a Dried Plum/Prune Breeding and Cultivar Development Program that has as its primary goal the development of new dried plum cultivars that mature earlier or later than the current industry standard cultivar, Improved French. His lab uses classical hybridization techniques and screen resulting progeny for desired traits. 

Coffee and cookies will be served.