SISS Updates - Undergraduate Researchers, H-1B Processing Times, Drop Box, Reminder for UCDMC Staff

***NEW DS-2019 REQUEST  Now Includes the Option for Undergraduate Researchers 

In order to provide better service to departments wishing to invite researchers who have not yet completed a bachelors degree but who are not enrolled in classes at UC Davis, departments now have the option to request a DS-2019 in the Undergraduate Researcher Non-degree Student category on our regular scholar DS-2019 Request Form. The Undergraduate Researcher category is appropriate for visiting undergraduate researchers who have not attained a bachelors level; who will receive at least half of their funding from a source other than personal funds; who will participate full-time in a prescribed course of study or research study toward a degree at a foreign institution; and who will maintain satisfactory advancement towards the completion of their academic program at a foreign institution while at UC Davis. Like other visiting scholars, Undergraduate Researchers pay no student fees and therefore, do not receive any student benefits such as free access to the ARC, SHS or Unitrans buses. As with other visiting scholars, the recharge fee for departments will be $415. 

Undergraduate researchers will now be included in our on-going new international scholar orientations, where we will include information on the privileges and restrictions for this category. Simone Kueltz will advise both departments and international scholars using this category. By immigration regulations, researchers of this type who have not yet received a University degree are classified as J-1 non-degree students but in all other ways, are treated as visiting scholars at UC, including their UC Davis ID. 

FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS: Please recycle any old request forms you may have and begin using the new DS-2019 request forms (new and extension) posted on our website 8/12/2013. They are found at: 

***Processing Times for H-1B Requests 

H-1B processing times have once again slowed at USCIS. H-1B petitions are now taking approximately 4 months from the time they are filed. Therefore, departments should submit H-1B packets AT LEAST 6 MONTHS prior to the start date of the H-1B, in order to avoid the $1225 premium processing fee at USCIS, which allows for adjudication in 15 calendar days. We are currently processing requests submitted for new and extension H-1Bs through February 2014.

We are currently waiting for H-1B approval notices for ALL CASES FILED SINCE MAY 2013. If a department has already submitted a case, it can be converted to premium processing at any time with a check to DHS for $1225. Please contact Gayle Oberlies with any questions

***SISS Drop Box 

SISS is open Monday - Friday, 9am to noon and 1pm to 4pm. If you visit us after hours and want to drop items, there is a mail slot on the left side as you face the building, at the top of the wooden stairs that are used for an emergency exit. You may drop items in this slot but it is important to notify us that you did so by phone or email, to confirm the item was received. Any items that are dropped off must also be put in an envelope (no loose pages).


Gayle Oberlies will be at the Medical Center on Friday, August 23, 2013. Gayle makes a monthly visit to the UC Davis Medical Center Education Building in order to give monthly J-1 orientation for new J-1 international scholars at the UC Davis Medical Center; conduct individual appointments; provide documents for pick up; and receive documents for drop off. Department staff and international scholars at the UC Davis Medical Center can contact Gayle for more information, to make an appointment, or to sign up for orientation:, PH: 530-752-7538. The room varies each month so please confirm with Gayle where she will be located if you make an appointment.