SISS Updates - Federal Shut Down, Upcoming SDPS Classes, Spouse and Partner Reception, Medical Center Reminder

International Spouse & Partner Reception (see flyer below) 

Fortunately, the Federal Government shut down does not affect the USCIS, SEVIS, or most services at US Embassies and Consulates abroad. However, it will affect international scholars in two keys ways. 
Because the Department of Labor is affected, departments who are applying for certain immigration benefits for international scholars such as an H-1B or E-3 status may experience a delay because we are currently unable to file a Labor Condition Application, which is necessary to file those petitions. If you have concerns, please contact Gayle Oberlies at . 

In addition, Social Security will not be accepting any applications for new or replacement Social Security cards. Please do NOT send new international scholars to the Social Security Office in West Sacramento to apply for a card because they cannot process those applications at this time. In general, this should not prevent anyone from beginning employment, as a temporary number can be used. Please contact Payroll with questions regarding that issue.Please visit the Social Security website for information and updates during this period


We are pleased to announce that SISS has received approval to combine the workshops we offer into a Certificate Series. SISS will offer six training workshops in 2013-2014 for department contacts who work with international scholars (especially in the areas of J-1, H-1B and permanent resident petitions), including a workshop on Intercultural Communication and Competence. Staff who complete all six workshops (staff may include workshops taken last year) will receive a Certificate of Completion. Please visit the SDPS website for upcoming dates and to sign up for these great training opportunities. Classes fill up fast! Look at International Scholar Services under the SDPS Certificate Series website


SISS and the International House Group Connections will co-host an International Spouse and Partner Reception on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, from 10am to noon. All international spouses and partners and their kids are welcome. There will be a Halloween theme and costumes are encouraged. Please post the flyer attached to this email and/or distribute to the appropriate international scholars. 


Gayle Oberlies will be at the Medical Center on Friday, October 25, 2013. Gayle makes a monthly visit to the UC Davis Medical Center Education Building in order to give monthly J-1 orientation for new J-1 international scholars at the UC Davis Medical Center; conduct individual appointments; provide documents for pick up; and receive documents for drop off. Department staff and international scholars at the UC Davis Medical Center can contact Gayle for more information, to make an appointment, or to sign up for orientation:, PH: 530-752-7538. The room varies each month so please confirm with Gayle where she will be located if you make an appointment or you want a J-1 scholar to attend orientation. 

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding international scholars at UCD. 

Margaret Hellwarth, Assistant Director 
Services for International Students and Scholars 

PH (530) 752-7877