Safety Notes 4/20/2015

Safety Training: 
1. Below is a PDF handout with new information on back and lifting safety techniques. This is a new method that has been helping reduce injuries. A video and safety presentation is available for interested parties. 
2. Now available for departmental training; a new fire extinguisher safety training simulator that can be used indoors. Please let me know if you are interested or contact Rocci Twitchell at 
3. Coming soon: Safe use of cryogenic liquids and pallet jack safety training will be available online soon. 

Online SDS (MSDS) access: 
1. ChemWatch will no longer be available after April 15th. 
2. Online access can now be bookmarked at Use either RightAnswer or the Google custom search option 

Heat Illness: 
Changes to the Cal/OSHA heat illness guidelines are outlined here 
Contact me if you need a copy of the Heat Illness Prevention Manual or the training powerpoint or if you need help implementing the heat illness program for your research. 

Self Inspections: 
1. Once each year you are required to do a self inspection in your lab. It should be about 6 months after your last CAES inspection. For FST that is now, April (CAES - October), for VEN that is September (CAES - March), for TXC that is December (CAES - June). I will no longer be allowed to do it for you but am available to assist you if you would like my input. 
2. To facilitate this EH&S will soon have a tool available through the SIT at It will use the same form as the CAES inspections use so that you are aware of what you are supposed to have completed. Below is a PDF copy of that form for your information. 

Travel Safety: 
1. Be certain to register all UC related travel here 
2. This travel insurance covers medical and travel assistance including emergency evacuation 
3. If you travel for consulting purposes, even if not directly related to UC business, you should still register. Risk management said that they would still consider you covered and would support your claims with the insurance carrier. This insurance is also available for personal travel for an additional fee.