Request for Feedback about Proposed UC IT Accessibility Policy - By July 22

To: Campus Community 

RE: Request for Feedback about Proposed UC IT Accessibility Policy 

Dear Colleagues: 

We write to invite you to review and submit comments about a proposed system-wide policy on information technology (IT) accessibility. 

The draft policy and requirements documents, which are available at ), were developed by the UC Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team, a standing committee of the UC Information Technology Leadership Council, with input from other system-wide groups. The Office of the President is coordinating the system-wide review and comment process. 

At UC Davis, the Electronic Accessibility Committee, with representatives from campus administrative and academic units, has done extensive work to prepare us for this policy and will play an important role in overseeing its implementation. 

Some highlights: 

- The proposed policy affirms the Universitys commitment to creating an IT environment accessible to everyone, in particular individuals with disabilities. 

- The requirements document sets web technology standards and outlines the high-level components of IT accessibility programs to be established at each campus, while allowing for significant campus flexibility and innovation. 

- There is a 60-day comment period, closing on July 22, 2013. Comments should be sent to 

After the comment period closes, the UC-wide Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team will revise the documents based on the input received. The documents also will be reviewed by the Academic Senate prior to being submitted to the University of California Policy Steering Committee for final review and approval. The Policy Steering Committee is appointed by the President to oversee the policy-making process to ensure that policies are in line with Regental policy, regulatory mandates, and the Universitys mission. 

As a public institution, it is important for the University to ensure that electronic information, programs, and services are accessible to everyone. Thank you for your support of the process to ensure community input into the development of an IT accessibility policy for UC. 


David Levin, Ph.D., on behalf of the UC Davis Electronic Accessibility Committee 
Director, IET-Academic Technology Services 

Wendi Delmendo 
Chief Compliance Officer