CA&ES Executive Associate Dean

Dear Chairs, Faculty, CAOs and Staff: 

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences logoIt is my pleasure to announce that Associate Dean Mary Delany has been appointed as Executive Associate Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences effective July 1, 2015 for a five year term. Mary is exceptionally well-qualified for this position as she has successfully served in several key leadership roles in the college, including chair of the Department of Animal Science as well as associate dean. Mary also served as interim dean of the college, which she did admirably, bringing stability internally to the faculty, staff, and students, as well as externally to our stakeholders. Mary Delany has successfully lead strategic planning efforts at both the departmental and college levels and is known as a strategic and thoughtful leader who listens to all perspectives. 

The role of the Executive Associate Dean is an important one in the college. Mary will have a broad range of responsibility and executive authority inherent in a close working relationship with the dean. Responsibilities include the following: 

· In absence of the dean, is the primary executive officer and representative of the college to UC, Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR), and the public. 

· Works closely with the dean in discussion of issues and priorities and in the implementation of priorities and initiatives of importance to the college. 

· Works closely with the associate deans with regard to organization, structure and function of college programs and initiatives. 

· Provides oversight, coordination and stewardship of college resources, facilities, and programs. 

· Represents the college to ANR in all programmatic and administrative issues including but not limited to ANR Program Council, coordination of statewide planning and priority setting for program direction, development of CA&ES/ANR budget proposals and allocation of ANR funds within CA&ES, delivery of CA&ES/ANR programs and leadership for all CA&ES/ANR personnel and administrative functions. 

· Represents the CA&ES in land use, and space and capital expenditures projects. Serves on campus planning groups. 

· Provide leadership to promote, facilitate, and ensure interdisciplinary and intercollege collaborations and for campus-wide planning efforts. 

· Provide leadership for academic personnel and human resource programs to promote a productive environment for the highest quality scholarship and staff support to achieve the mission. Coordinates planning and implementation of academic and staff personnel programs. 

I have worked closely with Mary since I began my tenure as dean, and I value the dedication and commitment she has to our college. Please join me in congratulating Mary on her new leadership position in the college. 


Helene R. Dillard, Ph.D. 
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences