Why is Olive Oil So Extra? Selina Wang on "Getting Curious" podcast with Jonathan Van Ness

Wang and Van Ness getting curious header
Zann Gates

Today's podcast episode of "Getting Curious" features media personality/author/comedian/hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness discussing their "main squeeze" - olive oil -  with FST's Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension Selina Wang. 

Selina and Jonathan (who is most well-known for his role as the grooming expert on Netflix's Queer Eye) talked about olives, olive oil, California agriculture, climate change, sustainability, tips for consumers and being a woman in the science field. He shared that he does not like olives but loves olive oil — to which Selina responds he’s definitely not alone.   

What was it like to dish with Jonathan about her work and research?  Selina responds, "He's as joyful, authentic and curious as you would imagine from listening to his podcast and watching his shows.  Let’s get them that second season of their Netflix show “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness" so they can come to UC Davis!" 

You can listen to the podcast here: https://jonathanvanness.com/podcast/why-is-olive-oil-so-extra-with-professor-selina-wang/ (Audio 52 min. 25 sec.; marked "E" for explicit; transcript available here). 

And you can watch Jonathan taste olive oil in his Instagram clip here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CanCoWEp01Z/