Selina Wang wins 2020 Achievement Award from Olive Wellness Institute

OWI Award Selina Wang
Zann Gates

Congratulations to Dr. Selina Wang, the winner of the Olive Wellness Institute's inaugural Achievement Award!  Dr. Wang is a Cooperative Extension Specialist in our FST Department, and Research Director of the Olive Center at UC Davis.  The Olive Wellness Institute Achievement Award is awarded to someone who has contributed most to olive science or olive related research in the past 5–10 years.

Selina states, "I’m very honored and humbled to receive this Award from the Olive Wellness Institute and indebted to the late Dr. Edwin Frankel in our department, Dan Flynn at the UC Davis Olive Center and all of my former and current students. Our research has been focused on maximizing quality, health benefits, yield and sustainability in the field and during processing. We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress in the past decade, and there’s much more work to be done, especially in response to climate change. I look forward to working with the growers, processors, and students at UC Davis who are the future leaders."

Dr. Wang was nominated by Dan Flynn, Executive Director of the UC Davis Olive Center, who attested to her work: "Dr. Wang stands among the very best people I have worked with. Her independent and significant research achievement, skill at attracting financial backing and resources, ability to inspire students, robust work ethic, dedication to the public interest and exceptional interpersonal skills place her among the noteworthy olive scientists globally."

You can read the Olive Wellness Institute's post about the Award at the link below.