Meet the Sustainable Wine & Food Processing Center's Executive Director

Jill Brigham

Jill Brigham is the Executive Director of the UC Davis' new Sustainable Wine & Food Processing Center. The center's mission is to establish and advance best practice designs for high-efficiency food and beverage production. Jill will develop and manage a research portfolio addressing a broad variety of food and beverage industry needs in the areas of water and energy minimization, rainwater recovery and treatment, alternative energy generation, and byproduct recovery. She leads the development of technologies and processes necessary to enable the UC Davis Teaching & Research Winery to be fully self-sustainable and carbon neutral; generating 100% of power demand, capturing rainwater, recycling all winery process water and cleaning solutions, and capturing carbon dioxide emissions. 

Prior to joining UC Davis, Jill worked at NASAs Johnson Space Center, where she managed projects and engineering teams developing a wide variety of aircraft and spacecraft systems. Jill has degrees in Computer and Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering.