A Marriage Made in Food Science & Technology: The Bruhns Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

Chris and John Bruhn

Christine and John Bruhn, Emerita and Emeritus Cooperative Extension Specialists, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 18, 2020. 

Chris and John met in the Department of Food Science and Technology in the late 1960s. John was an Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension and Christine was a Lecturer in Food Science from 1970-1978 before becoming a student again, obtaining her Ph.D. in 1986. John was a Dairy Food Processing Specialist (his Ph.D. was in dairy bacteriology-biochemistry) from 1969 to 2006, and he was the Director for the Dairy Research and Information Center.  Christine’s doctoral degree was in Consumer Behavior, and she was a Consumer Food Marketing Specialist from 1983 to 2014 and the Director of the Center for Consumer Research. 

They have lived in Davis since they met, raising a family in a home that they had built for them by Streng Brothers Homes in 1972 (see recent article by Eichler Network/CA Modern here:  https://www.eichlernetwork.com/blog/dave-weinstein/we-love-home-please-change-it). 

For a sweet article on the couple from 2006, describing how they collaborated on research regarding the characteristics of whipping cream (and consumer questions regarding the same), see the 2006 UC Davis Dateline article here:  https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/sweet-sensations-finding-science%E2%80%94and-gratification%E2%80%94-whipping-cream/

For more about each of the Bruhns, see the UC Davis FST Emeriti page: https://foodscience.ucdavis.edu/person-type/111