FST 290 Seminar - Erick Falcao, Shan Huang - May 27

The remainder of this quarter's FST290 seminar series will feature our first-year graduate students speaking about their current/proposed research. The students are very talented and have demonstrated outstanding presentation skills throughout the year. Please make plans to attend many of the seminars. All seminars will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 4:10-5:00 pm in 1207 RMI South. 

FST 290. Spring 2015 

May 27 
Erick Falcao: "Photo-catalytic Materials in Food Safety Applications" 
Shan Huang: "Optical Imaging of Dairy Powders to Characterize the Distribution of Sugar, Lipid and Protein" 

June 3 
Daisy Pan: "Protective Solute Transport in Listeria" 
Sara Yang: "Consumer Perceptions and Behaviors Regarding Extra Virgin Olive Oil"