2021 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards Finalist

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Zann Gates
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The founding members of Matrubials, Inc. are the founding faculty of the UC Davis Foods for Health Institute and the Milk Bioactives Program.

Congratulations to Drs. Ishita M. Shah, David A. Mills, J. Bruce German and Carlito B. Lebrilla for their Matrubials, Inc. being named a finalist in Sacramento Business Journal's Sacramento Region Innovation Awards for 2021!  

The event and awards program seeks to identify the most important potential innovations being developed in the region. The winners of the Innovation Awards and the categories in which they're being honored will be presented at an event on Nov. 18th and in a special publication in that week's edition of the Business Journal.

Dr. Ishita Shaw, CEO and Matrubials cofounder, provided the information for the company, below: 

Matrubials is founded by UC Davis Foods for Health Institute and Milk Bioactives program’s founding faculty. Professors’ David A. Mills, J. Bruce German and Carlito B. Lebrilla are cofounders of Matrubials, along with Ishita M. Shah, CEO and cofounder, who is leading efforts to build the company portfolio. With deep understanding of the relationship between structure of specific milk components and their beneficial functions, Matrubials (antimicrobials from the mother) is developing milk-derived therapeutics for infectious diseases, starting with women’s health. With extraordinary leadership and dedication of the faculty and a passion for translation, it is the balance between guidance and independence that has led to the advancement of this technology.  The outstanding support of Venture Catalyst at UC Davis, CLS Fast Advisory Program and Y Combinator has accelerated our path in these early stages of the company, but truly our biggest Guru has been milk itself.

You can read the original story in the Sacramento Business Journal, written by Editor-in-Chief Adam Steinhauer, here: https://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/inno/stories/awards/2021/10/18/introducing-sria-honorees.html