Travel & Entertainment Corporate Card TIP April 17, 2014

Here are a few Corporate Card and CTS Hotel Card TIPS: 

Travel Center signMake sure to have employees with active university corporate cards use their card for all Travel & Entertainment transactions. This will expedite payment to the vendor and streamline the process for reconciliation in MyTravel as all the vendor data imports directly into the online system. If travelers are traveling out of the area, especially foreign travel, please contact US Bank (phone on back of corporate card) or our MyTravel Help Desk (phone below). The bank will notate the account to prevent card declined problems while traveling. If you expect to have large T&E purchases that might exceed your card limit, please contact our MyTravel Help Desk and they will work with US Bank to ensure purchases will be approved. 

Corporate cards should be used for T&E expenses to avoid paper checks being issued to vendors. Our office has confirmed with Safeway, Nugget and other stores that even if a Purchase Request has been processed, employees can phone in the payment with a corporate card, please see attachment. The transaction to obtain the food/supplies on the front end is the same for department, however, payments should be made on the corporate card to avoid a KFS DV TEV document being processed and a paper check cut. 

US Bank has been working with central office regarding a new fraud program they implemented in February 2014, that is bank industry wide. This has caused more cards to be placed in the fraud category and transactions declined. Many of the transactions causing alarm at the bank were phone purchases to vendors, which our campus encourages. The bank has agreed to revise their fraud criteria so that the transactions are approved on T&E Corp Cards. If any employees in your department run into a problem while using the corporate card, please contact our Help Desk. 

Local hotels that participate in the CTS Program will not be paid through a Purchase Request/paper check, the CTS payment process needs to be used. Please use the CTS Hotel Forms on our website for group travel, individual travel, or entertainment events. Instructions for the CTS Card are listed under the hotel section of our website.