Mobile Device Security - Campus Policy

Instructions for securing iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices are also available on the BFTV Computing website under Quick Links for Computing

With the use of mobile devices continuing to grow in all aspects of university life, Information and Educational Technology (IET) is preparing to launch the next stage of the mobile device security campaign that we ran last year. The campaign encourages all members of the community to secure their smartphones and tablets by setting up a passcode and activating the time-out feature to lock the device if left idle for 20 minutes or more. This simple, low-cost approach aims to reduce the highest risks of unauthorized access to, or loss of, institutional data; and achieve a high campus compliance rate in the use of passcodes and time-outs on mobile devices. This is the second of our three-phase approach. This briefing launches phase two, following the endorsement by the Ethics and Compliance Risk Committee and the near-completion of phase one. 


1. Activating a passcode and time-out is easy and usually takes about a minute. 

2. Any mobile device that connects to the UC Davis network or contains sensitive UC Davis data is included in this effort. 

3. Full compliance from management is expected (Policy PPM 310-22). 

4. IET is responsible for ensuring broad campus awareness, and for supporting local compliance through documentation and technical assistance. The deans are responsible for ensuring compliance within their academic programs. 

5. Step-by-step instructions for popular devices: