Mileage Rate Reimbursement Rate Changes Effective January 1, 2014

Standard Mileage Rate Decreases for January 2014 

The University's mileage reimbursement rates for expenses incurred in connection with the business use of a private automobile will decrease in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rates published in Announcement IR 2011-69. The new rates are effective for expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2014. 

* The reimbursement rate for the use of a private automobile for University business travel will decrease from 56.5 cents a mile to 56.0 cents a mile. Appendix A of Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel, will be revised to include this change. 

* The reimbursement rate for driving or shipping an automobile in connection with a move or relocation will decrease from 24.0 cents a mile to 23.5 cents a mile. Business and Finance Bulletin G-13, Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation, will be revised to incorporate this change. 

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