Bi-Weekly Employee Announcement


Adjustments to vacation/sick leave accrual may appear on your July 3, 2013 paycheck. These adjustments are in the employee's favor and do not affect your take home pay. They are corrections to vacation/sick leave accrual for the period of January 1-19, 2013 -- the period just before the beginning of biweekly pay. 

* If you reported LESS THAN 50% TIME from January 1-19, 2013, you will see a one-time adjustment to your vacation/sick leave on your July 3 paycheck. (If your departmental payroll administrator has already made an adjustment for the January 1-19 period, no further adjustment is being made at this time.) 

* If you reported 50% TIME OR MORE for January 1-19, 2013, it has been determined that you did receive the correct vacation and/or sick leave accrual for that time period, and no adjustment is being made. 

As noted above, any adjustments to vacation/sick leave accruals being made at this time are in the employees' favor and do not affect take home pay. 

If you have any questions, please email them to

Thank you, 
Mike Allred, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance/Controller 
Susan Gilbert, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources