BAE Weekly Seminar: , Wednesday, February 19th

Please join us for the weekly BAE seminar 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 
1:10  2 pm, 2045 BAINER HALL

Topic: "Inorganic Dust Exposure in California Agriculture, a Health Hazard?" 

Dr. Marc Schenker 
Distinguished Professor and Associate Vice Provost for 
University Outreach and Engagement 

Director, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, 
Migration and Health Research Center, 
Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, 
Department of Public Health Sciences, 
University of California at Davis 


This presentation will address studies at UC Davis on inorganic dust exposure to workers in California agriculture, in vitro and in vivo studies of dust toxicity, and epidemiological studies of workers exposed to dusts. 


Dr. Marc Schenker is Associate Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement at UC Davis and Professor of Public Health and Medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He has over 30 years of experience in medicine and public health. Dr. Schenker is the founding director of the Davis Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. He is also the founding and current director of the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety and the Migration and Health Research Center. Dr. Schenker is co-director of the Center of Expertise on Migration and Health of the UC Global Health Institute. His specialty is occupational and environmental disease, with a focus on respiratory and reproductive health. He also conducts epidemiologic research on the health of migrant populations with a particular focus on occupational disease. Dr. Schenker has published over 170 scientific manuscripts and 5 textbooks. He is editor of a book coming out this year entitled Migration and Health: Research Methods Handbook. 

Coffee and cookies will be served.