Authorized methods for purchasing from the Bookstore - March 2014

In an effort to enhance separation of duties, the methods for purchasing from the UCD Bookstore have been modified, effective 03/01/2014. You can still use a university-issued purchasing card (PCard). You can also still use a Bookstore Purchase Order. However, you can no longer use an open account at the Bookstore. 

Regarding the Bookstore Purchase Order method, there have been some changes: 

* The purchaser cannot be the account delegate or the fiscal officer for the account listed on the form. 
* After receipt of the Bookstore purchase order, the Bookstore will initiate a KFS Internal Billing (IB) document, which will route to the fiscal officer/delegate for approval. 

The IB will provide an easier way for campus to track and reconcile bookstore purchases. It will also give departments more details than the current feed document gives about the transactions.