Which bread should you buy? Topher McNeil slices it up for you

Topher McNeil with bread in background
Zann Gates

Christopher McNeil, a former Ph.D. student in Professor Carolyn Slupsky's lab (FSGG, Class of 2020), stars in an engaging and informative YouTube video for Epicurious, breaking down the text on the bread bag into easily understandable pieces. 

Topher McNeil in Epicurious video

According to Topher, "The connection with Epicurious started after I had a few popular TikTok posts talking about food and food science. They reached out to me about auditioning for the web series which they had started to develop but were still trying to finalize. They suggested we start with bread, but we’ve been working together on new videos about other topics."

Topher has just finished a postdoc at the Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SCU’s Leavey School of Business, and recently started a new role as an analytical chemist for Finless Foods in Emeryville.

The reaction to the video has been very positive and it’s great to see people engaging with it. Food science often gets a bad reputation on social media, but there are a number of people trying to address misconceptions about food and nutrition online (and many of them do a much better job at it than me). Also, shoutout to Dr. Slupsky!"  -Topher McNeil