S. Wang Lab accepting PURE avocado oil samples from producers around the world

Selina Wang lab
Selina Wang Lab

Avocado oil is increasing in popularity and being produced in more countries and more regions within the country. The S. Wang Lab in the Department of Food Science and Technology is committed to help establish fair standards to protect honest producers, professional buyers and consumers.

A good standard needs to be narrow enough to minimize room for fraud; at the same time, it needs to accommodate authentic oils that have unique chemical profiles due to fruit growing region and varieties used. We are sourcing avocado fruits, processing them into oil and analyzing the oil in our lab. However, this is not practical for many avocado oil producing regions. Thus, we are accepting PURE avocado oils made from fruit grown in different regions of Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other producing countries to determine the variations in quality and purity parameters. Results will help demonstrate how an avocado oil’s chemical profile varies based on fruit varieties, growing regions and harvest time.

To submit a sample, please fill out this sample submission form: https://ucdavis.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/preview/SV_dco9qmDBXHQYkaa?

Please contact Dr. Selina Wang (scwang@ucdavis.edu) for questions.