Pentair Deepens Connection with the Robert Mondavi Institute

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Evan White

On Wednesday, March 22nd, Pentair, a global leader in water re-use and recycling technology, announced an even stronger connection to the Robert Mondavi Institute and the  Department of Food Science and Technology. 

This enhanced collaboration will include $240,000 over three years to support two graduate students each year in both Dairy and Brewing Sciences. Each student will receive $40,000 to fund a year of his or her research. 

Professors Daniela Barile, who leads the Milk Processing Lab, and Charlie Bamforth, the Anheuser-Bush Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences, will also receive equipment donations totaling $1.2 million to support their labs. Pentair has been a member of the Robert Mondavi Institute's Industry Partnership Program since 2013.