Luxin Wang and jelly ice product mentioned in NYT story on plastic packaging

Purple gloved hand holding jelly ice product in petri dish
Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have invented an ice replacement that feels like a gelatin dessert. It can be reused up to a dozen times, then biodegrades quickly. Jael Mackendorf/UC Davis
Zann Gates

In 2021, FST's Luxin Wang and a team of colleagues developed a reusable jelly ice product that was lighter than ice, didn't melt, and could be reused multiple times and then disposed of in green waste or trash. The invention was covered widely at the time. We're pleased to see the jelly ice get a recent mention in the story "So Much Produce Comes in Plastic. Is There a Better Way?" by Kim Severson, New York Times, April 2, 2024. (Note: there may be a paywall, although a certain number of views per month are allowed.)