Field to Bench interview by Craft Maltsters Guild features Glen Fox and Maany Ramanan

Joe Williams teaching students in brewery
Zann Gates
Maany Ramanan image
Maany Ramanan, doctoral candidate in the UC Brewing Program and a 2022 Craft Malt Con Online Scholarship recipient

In the first Craft Maltsters Guild's "Field to Bench" series for 2022 (the series features the people behind some of the world's leading malt research), FST's Glen Fox and Maany Ramanan (UC Brewing/Food Science doctoral candidate) talk about Fox's background studying barley quality, his current research focus on starch structure, and how it impacts wort and beer quality, as well as Maany's current research project - assessing the effect of environment and genotype on malt quality.  

“(Fox's) focus on multi-disciplinary approaches to dealing with climate change and his refreshing perspectives about the importance of raw materials in brewing are two main reasons why I moved halfway across the world to pursue my doctoral studies at UC Davis.” - Maany Ramanan

Read the whole article by Jesse Bussard here.