Associate/Full Specialist The Food Safety and Measurement Facility and the Department of Viticulture and Enology

Associate/Full Specialist 
The Food Safety and Measurement Facility and the Department of Viticulture and Enology 

The Food Safety and Measurement Facility and the Department of Viticulture and Enology are recruiting an Associate/Full Specialist in the area of food and beverage chemistry and analysis. A PhD in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry, or Viticulture and Enology is required. The Food Safety and Measurement Facility provides user training and access for scientists conducting research on chemical characterization of foods and beverages. 

The appointee will provide analytical expertise and manage access for users of the Food Safety and Measurement Facility (HPLC, GC, MS, and ICP instrumentation). The successful candidate will have strong statistical analysis skills and experience with statistical analysis and interpretation of complex and large data sets. The appointee will solve analytical issues associated with complex samples and the use of multiple analytical tools, provide user training for all analytical equipment in the Facility, and maintain, repair and schedule access to Facility equipment. The successful candidate will develop and offer workshops and training seminars in a variety of areas relevant to analysis of foods and beverages, e.g., experimental design and chemometrics, sample preparation, principles of chromatography and mass spectrometry, etc. The appointee will assist the Facility Directors with writing papers, grant proposals and progress reports, providing oral presentations to students, facility users, and industry stakeholder, and maintaining the Facility web site. The successful candidate will be familiar with quality assurance and quality control principles and coordination of multiple users on advanced analytical instrumentation. The appointee will manage the Facility budget, The appointee will participate in activities and committees of the Department of Viticulture and Enology and/or Food Science and Technology, the college and the campus as appropriate; the appointee will also interface with donors and visitors to provide tours and information about the Facility. 

 Basic Qualification: PhD or equivalent in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Food Science, Viticulture and Enology, or related fields 

 Evidence of scholarship during graduate and post-graduate activities 

 Demonstrated experience with use, repair, and maintenance of advanced analytical instrumentation, including GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, U/HPLC-MS, U/HPLC-MS/MS, UHPLC-qTOF MS, ICP-MS 

 Demonstrated experience with sample preparation and analysis of food and beverage matrices 

 Demonstrated experience with statistical analysis tools for large, multivariate date sets 

 Demonstrated experience managing use and access of analytical instrumentation, providing user training, and implementing standard operating procedures for a multi-user laboratory 

 Strong problem-solving skills and ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects 

 Demonstrated experience with development and validation of new analytical methods for food and beverage samples 

 Demonstrated oral and written communication skills and ability to extend information to a variety of audiences including students, staff, faculty and industry stakeholders 

 Demonstrated ability to work with students, staff, faculty and industry stakeholders in a diverse academic environment 

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Salary range $53,928 - $106,716 

Application materials must be submitted via the following website: To ensure consideration, applications should be received by November 23, 2016. 

Required application materials include: 1) curriculum vitae including publication list, 2) the names, addresses, including email, of three professional references. Additional inquiries should be directed to Dr. Alyson Mitchell, Food Science and Technology, 2204 Robert Mondavi Institute South, 530-304-6618, 

UC Davis is an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer and is dedicated to recruiting a diverse faculty community. We welcome all qualified applicants to apply, including women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities