Updated Composite Benefit Rates - April 2014

The FY 2012-13 reconciliation and FY 2014-15 proposed Composite Benefit Rates have been submitted to the federal government for their review and approval. We are providing the updated rates that are expected to be charged in FY 2014-15 for your planning purposes. 

The rates will be updated, if necessary, when we receive the final approval from the federal government. 

Please find the updated files that contain the Proposed FY 2014-15 Rates using the links below. (Note: Each of the files has an update date in the title section of 2014. If you are seeing the files with an update date of 2013, you should clear the cache on your Internet browser in order to retrieve the most current version of the file.) 

- UC Davis (Charts 3 & S) Composite Benefit Rates: 

- Agriculture and Natural Resources (Chart L) Composite Benefit Rates: 

General Composite Benefit Rate information is also available on the Costing Policy & Analysis website.