Recap of On the Road in the Foothills

Foothills event
Professor Ben Montpetit presents his research.
Anita Oberholster

UC Davis hosted another successful On the Road event in the Sierra Foothills wine country, in collaboration with farm advisor Lynn Wunderlich. The program on the 28th of November covered a wide range of topics, from using winery wastewater for irrigation by Dr. Anita Oberholster to micro-oxygenation discussed by Professor Andrew Waterhouse. Microbiological issues from friend to foe were covered by Drs. Linda Bisson and Ben Montpetit as well as Lucy Joseph. Like always lunch was shared to exchange ideas about the future and needs of the industry.

Until next time Foothills…. For more information on upcoming "On the Road" educational events, contact Director of Industry Relations Karen Block.